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Friday, August 14, 2009

On His Majesty's Secret Service

Project 365 #129


Long waited movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

altho it is kinda meaningless


It's seriously freaking funny^^

Yeap yeap. Went for On His Majesty's Secret Service with the movie gang. It've been long since the last time I watch "fai fai"(meaningless, funny, mo liu...sth like scary movie) HK movie ady. Hmmph...I always heart the movie starred by Stephen Chow...which is oso..."Fai fai dei" one...lolz...tat's why I will never ever missout such a funny movie wid funny movie title, and of course, never missout to see movie starred by Louis Koo. I love the movies starred by Louis Koo, Stephen Chow and Ronald Cheng, tat's bcoz...thy are srsly "fai" and very funny. LOLz. Ops...yea I know...only those "uncontentable" people will love this kind of movie. BUTTTTT it is srsly very funny and I like it!!! Learned loads of "fai" terms, words, actions from the movie, wher I believe, it will helps to cheer up the people around. Especially the significant laugh by Sandra Ng in the movie. "ha...ha...haaaaaaaa..." LOLz. Omigawd...I m laughing myself now. ><" Teehee... On His Majesty's Secret Service, a movie tat talks about how the secret guard protect the King in being killed and it shows brainy people can still save the King without fighting. Of course, love affairs shall not be miss out in the movie. Rite. That's all for the storyline of the movie. LOLz. Well...the dialogues, actions and facial expressions in the movie are seriously worth the ticket money. If you dun really fancy meaningless movie, then, maybe you can get a pirated CD to watch or mayb DL from the net.(You know I won't do these, tat's why I watch it @ cinema...lolz...oh crapz...><")

After all, I would say, it is worth to be a collection. LOLz. So, Watch it, learn it, use it to cheer your frenz a little. It will srsly brighten everybody's day^^ We shud learn not to be serious all the time, rite? LOLz