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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Homey Sunday

Project 365 #124

Browse thru all these CDs for the whole day.

Thy makes me miss my old times with my sista gang.

I wish to get back to the sweet memo time wid the sista gang.

I seriously do.

Hmmph. Yea. I spent the weekends browsing thru all the CDs that I saw yesterday. Another day staying at home without going anywhere. A homey Sunday for a homey gal like me. Bwahhahaha...(Pui...lolz) AND, oh ya, today's topic is Memoirs of Sista Gang. lolz.

Saw photos tat we celebrated each other's birthday thru out the years after we have graduated form secondary school. Saw loads of creative ideas that we contributed for each other's birthday. Saw the photos of the trips...trips to malacca, trips to PD, trips to genting. Awww....I miss the good old times with them and wonder when will be the next time we meet each other again in such a big gang and having fun out there.

We use to be the gang where laughters will be everywhere, everywhere we go. We are always the eye-catchy and bitches bunch where people around us for sure will stare at us coz of our noisiness. Now, things have change, everybody have stepped into the working world, everybody have got their own goals to achieve and everybody is working hard for their future.(this include dates...) and bcoz of all these, everybody starts to be very busy and the weekly yam cha session is no longer a story in our book. We only get to meet up for the birthday celebration which is only a simple dinner wid no surprise. Same questions will be asked during the dinner. I.E. : How have you been? How's work? How's your relationship going on? When are you getting married?(Yea...my sista gang members are all taken, except me and another one is studying at UK) What are you doing recently? Nonetheless, everybody will ask when will be the next hang out day? When are we going to have another outing? Suggestions given, but when come to the next discussion in asking who is in, everybody for sure will have something on and tat's all, it is only a crapz after all. I've tried many times in asking the sista gang out for yam cha session or for outing, but I always received reply like "sorry, got something on, you guys go ahead and enjoy". So Yea. I am kinda tired in this now...

I use to rely a lot on the sista gang. The sista gang know every single little things bout me and whenever I've got problem, I will refer to them but not my parents, and, I seriously put my sista gang at the first place in my heart and family come second. BUT, since things have changed, I've got nobody to talk to like last time, not to say my sista gang don't want to listen to me(yea, ya know everybody is busy, and nobody will listen to your crapz), but, everybody tends to be busy to catch up each other. One of the sista gang member have actually suggested to have a gals' mail(send email) to update each other day by day, only few people are in for the mail, of course, I am one of them, but, it is not an active board where not everybody participate in it. So, after all these, I realized that, family shud be in the first place, and there, I've got my two lovely cousies who always share my feelings and thoughts. LOLz. Heart my dearie cousies a lot^^

I wonder, is it bcoz we know each other for ten years that we dun hav any other things to talk, bcoz we know everything single little thing bout each other, and yea, it is like we can tell everything by only saying "ya know? rite." and they know wat we mean, or, it is bcoz the days we meet up become lesser and lesser, thus, we don't own the same topic?

Hmmph...well...I have had very good memories with the sista gang, we are still keeping in touch up to this second, but we did not catch up with each other and get each other updated bout wat are they doing recently and did anybody actually changed their taste in eating, dressing, or did anybody changed their interest, job and stuff. Anyhow, now I wonder, does these all matter? I don't know. Maybe I can just give them a hand when they need me but not sharing their feelings, their heart, their thought all the time. Rite. I shall make myself to promise the sista gang that I will always be there for you, when you need a hand. =)

Heart you gals always.

My dear sista gang^^