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Friday, August 07, 2009

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

Project 365 #122

So Yea,

It's Fu Lai Dae~


It's the movie day^^

Todays' special

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

Hmmph...The Rise of Cobra...when I first saw "Cobra"...I dun feel like watching...coz I hate snake and I tot it is some movie like Anaconda and I wanted to watch On His Majesty's Secret Service BUT...there are a lot of them can't make it for the movie session this week...and...my cousie read the synopsis and tell me it is not related to snake...so yea...we'll watch G.I. Joe this week and On His Majesty's Secret Service nxt week.

G.I. Joe, a team's name in the movie, and the movie tells how the team save the world!!! Like watching Ultraman nia...lolz. Oh yea, it is another movie tat shows how advance the technology is nowadays. Hmmph...there are very bias reviews bout the movie, like, whn you like it, you will like it very much but if you don't you will say the movie SUX. Me? Lemme think...ERM...I will say...I din fall asleep in the cinema, I know and remember the story's flow and I can't get my eyes off frm the pwetty lads...lolz...BUT one thing for sure, they will come up will second episode...sigh...another movie that we have follow in the future and you can't miss it bcoz you will feel curious to know wat happen next. lolz. So, if you are tired in following all those "unfinish" movies wid loads and loads of episodes coming up, I advice you to think twice before you watch.Thn erm...it suppose to b a movie tat made for guys to watch...but my brader dun realy like the movie...And ERM...well...okayyy la...the movie's flow is good, it made me feel gan jeong(worry, nervous) for the characters inside, and yea, you can actually get a wednesday to watch this movie. lolz.

Hmph...so far I would say Ovearheard is the best movie I watched recently, so, watch Overheard if you haven't. LOLz.

And yea...happy 123456789^^

A memorable day and time, indeed.