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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nite view frm my Opis

Project 365 #105

Nice ar nice ar?

Snapped using my pink lady.


WAH...nice nite view frm my Opis.

Oh yea

staying up late AGAIN for work.


Okay. After yesterday. Today is another day that I am going back home late. I leave the company @ 9:05pm. =.=" It is the same time as I reached home yest. Sigh...why I so hardworking one?! Can't I just throw everything at the back and do it by 2mr???Bwahahhha...muka tembok betul...lolz...Btw...it's good to go home late today. I dun hav to get stuck in the jam and get to enjoy a nice nite KL view^^ Which I dun realize it is actually THAT beautiful.

Yeap. Places in KL like bintang walk or the clubbing street at KL and KLCC area are really a nice place for us to take a walk. It makes me feel like I m at oversea but not in KL. I guess this is all bcoz of the lighting tat beautified the enviornment. I always wanted to find a chance and take a walk in all these area and snap all the nice nice nite view photos *nett nett* with no criminal cases happen. AND it is impossible. lolz. Yeap. The very serious criminal cases actually made ppl dare not walk down relaxingly on the street nor take public transport during the nite. It seems to be very dangerous. Yea it is. Criminals do happen everywhere, anytime.

Awww...I miss my UK life...my days being at liverpool which is safe and we dun even hav to feel sked by walking down the street alone in the night. Yeap. There are camera everywhere, it is a surveillance country and the police will reach you very fast if there's anything happened. I tried before...walking down the street during the midnite wid 3 other frenz, who are all gals. ALL GALS!!! AND, yeap, I am still safe blogging over here^^

Awww...I miss my time walking in liverpool. The time that I have to walk 20 mins to reach my Uni, the time we walk to Tesco for grocery, the time we walk all the way to the club street wid heels juz to drink the very nice beer. The time we walk to the dock. Although it is summer, yet it is still cold. I lup it. Really. Walking on the street seems okay for me...you know la...Malaysian go where oso car car car...park far far a bit thn wil complain a lot...BUT...it is different at UK. Everybody love to walk. Coz of the nice weather and the atmosphere. ARGH!!! I WANNA GO BACK TO LIVERPOOL!!! ><"