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Friday, July 03, 2009

MY wardrobe

Project 365 #86



This is my wardrobe.

After I've arrange all the clothes accordingly.


Still it looks messy.


I will normally "tidy" my wardrobe seasonally. Yea. Seasonally. Bwahahahha...The nxt time I guess I will tidy it up will b ard Sep. After the Trip. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

I get to tidy up my wardrobe today bcoz...I am home alone and I got nth to do and marmee complaint tat my wardrobe is kinda messy and it's bcoz...I m attending wedding dinner 2mr and I nid to "dig out" the dress that I bought ages ago. Oh my...=.=" I dunno why my wardrobe will be messy bcoz normally I will oni be taking my clothes out of the wardrobe and the one to hang it back after laundry wasnt me. Now you know who. lolz. No la...I m not pointing fingers to the others...Mum told maid to put the clothes on my bed and I will hang those back nicely by myself but maid always forgot wat marmee said and always stuffed my clothes everywhere she like. =.="

Rite. You din see it wrong. There's a HUGE bear lying nicely in my wardrobe. I keep in the the wardrobe, to avoid the dust I wil say. It is only one of the bear I am showing. I GOT LOADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of bears in my room. LOADS. AND...all are gift. I din buy those myself. Will show you nxt time whn I get to gather all the bears at one place and snap photo. lolz...

Hmmph...now I wonder WHY, people like to buy me bear.


I dun do bear collection

><" Is it bcoz I look like one?!