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Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers Da da~~~

Project 365 #79


At last the 3 cousies get to go for movie 2geda wid the movie gang^^

Now you see how powderful the Transfomer is.

Yea. Went for movie wid the movie gang @ The gardens. WE WATCH Transfomers:Revenge of the fallen @ PREMIER CLASS!!! Dun play play. lolz.

Hmmph. Bout the movie. Hmmph...I fall alseep for THREE times in the cinema. Bwahhahahahaha...okay. Whack me. Thank you. LOLz. Yea I know the movie is very nice to watch...but...I guess I m TOOOO tired...so...yea...I fall alseep...LOLz. But I can still remember there are some funny scene, sexy scene, cutie bumblebee scene, fighting scene in the movie la. En la enla...I will watch for the second time in order to know the whole story or I will felt sorry to the Transfomers production team. LOLz. ><"