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Friday, July 17, 2009

Tea Time Party

Project 365 #100

What an annocement that make me cry
(quoted from a Kelic of mine)

Saw this line @ FB rite after the Tea Time Party.

I agree.

Been waiting for today to come since the day we received the email asking us to join for the Tea Time Party today. It is the second half of the year and the company seems to remain and able to maintain from the recession. Everybody is expecting for some good news and of course guessing, wat will be the good news.

"Dear all, the party have started now, please come and join us at the lounge area". Announced at 530pm. AND everybody gathered at the lounge area.

Annoncements given :

1 - We get to contain from the H1N1. Our hero is back.
2 - One of our colleagues is retiring.
3 - CFO came back frm Island nxt door safely.
4 - the outdoor team stil exist.

AND Yea. We can start the tea session now.



Everybody waited for a minute waiting for some other news to come and the same line repeat "We can start the tea session now." AND everybody stil remain seated for a minute. When the line repeated for the third times only everbody proceed to the buffet area.


Seriously no annocement after that. NO. N O!!! Disappointment on the faces can be seen and I guess more and more ppl wil think of tendering.

Sigh. So So SO demotivated now. Where's all the good good benefits that I heard last time???!!!