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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sourvenir from Taiwan

Project 365 #91

This cutie thingy is from my cousie

that juz came back form Taiwan.


I always wanna get a ding dong bell for my phone but failed to get a cute and nice one. NOW, I have it hanging on my phone. "ling ling ling" sounds so nice whn I walk ard wid my phone and I get to know wher my phone is. Teehee...

Talk about this cousie. She is really such a BIG GOOD PERSON. (in canto, DAI hou yan). She is the one that intro me to work in my current company. My mum always ask for her opinions whn my mum faced some problems.

After I entered this Co, I realized that everybody here LOVE her a lot. Yeap. No doubt. She is helpful, very helpful, and she have got very good tempered and she is a very tought person and and and...she is a workaholic...perhaps I shud say she is a very responsible person. Loads of media agencies wanted to hire her. And now, she is leaving my co wid a wayyyyyyyy better offer from another Media Agency^^ Wish you luck my dearie cousie^^

I always wannabe like her. Having a very good temper and being helpful yet getting respects frm the others. (You know it is hard for you in being humble and nice and helpful yet nobody wil bully you) I always wannabe like her. AND I am learning to. Wish me luck too^^