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Friday, July 10, 2009

Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Project 365 #93


we are not the dinosaurs...


Yeap yeap.

Went for Ice Age 3


we watched in 3D form.


This is the 2nd times I watched animation in 3D form tho.

It's funny and cute^^

It's actually a BZ friday. Me and my two cousies got date b4 the movie. It is like sort of "welcoming" my cousie back to work after her one week sweet love break. Me, Ling(my cousie) and her kelic, Beng went for dinner after work @ Pav. At the same time, another cousie, Jac is having date wid her ex-kelics then her sista gang as well. AND we ended up all gathered at Pav. lolz. Yeap yeap. The three of us dashed from Pavilion to One U at 1030pm to catch up the movie tat starts at 1120pm. It's lucky that we did not get lost on the way to One U and we used less than half an hour to reach One U. Phew~ Lucky^^

Hmmph...talk about the movie. Ice Age. I din watch the previous two episode COZ I dun watch animation. Ahahahah...yeap...again...why I watch dis time??? LOLz. I've got no idea. ><" I always feel that animation look fake and it is kinda like wasting money to watch animation in cinema. Perhaps I dun know how to appreciate the art. lolz. BUT, this time is a nice try, we watched in 3D form and it gave me a fresh, new brand image towards animation. 3D seriously ROCK!!! Oh yea. Bout the movie. The characters inside are so so so cute and the dialogues are easy to b listen and understood.(as there are no subs for 3D movie) It is a movie about how a big group adventure themselves in a whole new world for them and how they survive.

It teaches me to know...that we can do more than wat we expect towards ourselves. So Yea. I shud always try new things(and I did always try new stuff), and do not fear of being a failure(which I m still learning). And of course, being cooperate, being unite, being generous are the most important of all to reach a success!!!

3D Animation ROX!!!


I shud say

Ice Age



As if I am still a small kids who love to watch cartoons. =.="