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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pre-Birthday celebration for Olivia @ JAKE's Place and the Social

Project 365 #94

A BIG bunch of group

having dinner


Jake's Place


2nd Round @ the Social, downtown.

(Sorwee only manage to get the photo snapped @ the social)

Yeap yeap. So, it's Olivia's BIG day!!! A bunch of 16 of us went for dinner @ Jake's Place. A new place for me to discover tho^^ Erm. Don't ask me bout food review bcoz I din order steak even it is famous wid steak dishes. BUT...I will still tell if you don't ask me about their service. THEIR SERVICE SERIOUSLY SUX!!! Perhaps it is only one of the service crew. BUT...I guess the management shud send them for servicing training again as they charged us for servicing.

Okay. The story goes like this. As there are a HUGE bunch of us. Few times orders need to be made(as some come in early some come in late) and the waiter might sometimes missout some dishes ordered by us. AND, one very common thing that the waitress shud do, is to, repeat order. rite. REPEAT ORDER. BUT that particular service crew did not repeat and we tot of juz forget about it as we all can hear wat everybody order and she is like jotting down the order on a booklet(or mayb order form).

Everybody eat happily, chat casually and suddenly the service crew pop out wid a loud voice, pointing at one of my frens and said : "Sir, is this mushroom chicken?", "Did you order it from me?" "You were not here when the others placed order to me." , "Did you order from me?" "You shudn't take it", "It is not urs", "How could you juz take like that?"

The table went quiet. Everybody stunned. My fren, he dun even hav a chance to talk and the service crew juz shoot like tat. =.=" My fren then replied "I ordered from you". Yet she sorta yelled "NO, YOU DIN ORDER FROM ME" and she look at the fren bside my fren and tell "Yes, sir, you ordered from me" and she pointed all of us "you all ordered frm me...but he was not here when I get to order from you guys!" I then said "He was here when we placed the order", then, Jeff(Olivia's bf) said : "Excuse me, can you please dun b so rude in talking like tat to a customer" AND Olivia stopped everybody and said : "Hello, it is not the time to argue if he ordered the food or not, now, he have ate the food, u can't have him to give you back a full dishes displayed nicely in front of you, rite"(Hmmph...well...mayb I got ajinomoto abit in dis dialogue...but Olivia did talk patiently and politely) The service crew then said "Okay, I will juz add tat dish into the order list now"

Rite. So things settled like this. Everybody felt that the service are seriously SUX. S U X!!! Bcoz of the haventakeanyservicelessonorcoursebeforeandfreakingstupidnomannersimpolite service crew.

From left to right, from top to the bottom, I cant see my fren did anything wrong. He was there when we placed the order and we all heard him placed the order. AND. AND. The service crew shud have learned and have this sentence always in heart and mind "customers are always right". No matter how fussy the customer is, the service crew shud still need to smile and answer each and every questions that pop out between the customers and them. AND the service crew shud settle up the problem nicely and politely but not asking the customers so much of questions. BUT she failed to do so. AND they way she talk to the customer is freaking rude. Sigh. She eventually spoilt everybody's mood.(for few minutes)

So Yea. That's my perception towards Jake's place if you ask me so. Btw, my fren said their steak taste great tho. Hmmph...so...mayb u can give a try if you love steak. Erm...but I wil intro you D'fortune. Hahahahah...

Wokay. Part II.

The dinner ends at 11. So, we went for 2nd round @ the Social, downtown. It is a bar for people to chill out wid Live Band performing^^ Didn't get to chat much wid the bunch coz of the music and everybody is enjoying the music shaking their body and head and hand liddat. ><" AND...my phone that will only rang once in a blue moon keep on having incoming calls from different people. ><" Made me bcome so so bz at running in and out from the bar for so many times and it is only a few minutes talk. I got Calls from frenz who wanna double triple confirmed bout 2mr's outing, calls frm fren that couldn't find the other fren and I hav to message the whole world to see wher is she, calls from brader to ask for phone numbers...Calls frm mum to check where m I and tell me that she is at Genting wid Daddy and won't b going home.

There gone my chill out part at the Social...running in and out of the bar...gulping the beer into my stomach but not socializing wid the bunch. ><" Aiks. Neh Mind. We will meet again 2mr. Ahahahahah...