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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mah First Time

Project 365 #104


the time I reached home today.

(new quote learned frm Olive's gang)

I nvr tot that I will reach home THAT late for my current job.


Rite. That's the exact time of my car stepping into my housing area. 9:05 pm. PM!!! Argh...I srsly never tot of I will b reaching home so late coz of my current job. Yea...I work as a researcher in Media Agency, that require me to run reports all the time. Running report is srsly very time consuming but I always manage to complete my work and leave punctually on time, which is 6pm. LOLz. Yea la I know being a good and responsible staff, I shud hav stay a little longer to see if there's any work for me or any request frm the other planners. BUT...as a protect nature supporter...I shudnt waste any the resources by turning on the PC and wait for job to come, you know this is to help to avoid global warming AND I love my company I shud save the resources for my company, then my company dun hav to pay more for the electric bill. See...so good I am. (Oh Crapz...tat's all bcoz my company will not give OT for staying up late.lolz)

Rite. Back to the topic. Going home late. Got work to rush today and I never tot of I can't complete it on time. AND everybody seems to think tat I am very free, got LOADS of request today from different people and everybody said that it's urgent!!! So what now??? Mine is also urgent. T_T. My manager actually asked me bout my working progress and she said "I see you run here and there...you help a lot of ppl do work is it?" I nodded my head. "Why din you reject them and tell them u got work to rush too?" She asked. "I told them, but they said their work are urgent". My manager point at my pc and the report and ask "Which one is urgent?" I "...". "So, both are urgent" I looked at her. "Next time if you can't reject or you dunno how to reject push those to me, I will talk to them." BIG wide smile frm me. " =)))))))"

So yea. My Manager always sayang me gao gao. lolz. She told me last time that if there're any request frm the others, they shud actually asked her first before they come to me. BUT, nobody seems to understand the manner in asking and tot that those are my job.(to help them run the reports) Don't jealous tat I got such a GREAT manager. Perfecto~~~

Felt sorry to make my cousin sis to wait for me as her signing off time is 530pm. I've actually made her to "act like" a very hardworking staff in her company by making her staying in the company til 830pm.


My first time leaving the Co at this hour.

*Pray hard that everything will goes fine*


Part II

Today's special.

Hmmph. Rite. Reached home at 905pm. Took mah dinner and went to bath. Once I stepped out frm the bathroom. "Jie you phone very noisy" complaint by my sista. "Miao, your phone is ringing!!!" Cousie said. I dashed to mah phone and see who is calling. *Oh Fook* It's my primary schmates. I tot I told them tat I m not joining for the lim teh session as I sked I m still at work at that hour. "Hello, miaoyi, u sleeping?" "narh, juz came out frm bathroom". "We are already outside your house, come out now." "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" "Do you wan us to press ur door bell and see if we are really here?"Run all the way the living room and see if ther's a car. *Darn* They are outside. "Erm...I am already wearing sleeping suit wor...I tot I told you I m not joining?" "I tot I told you tat I am coming?" "K...give me 5 mins to get change". I then dash to mah room get changed and hop into the car with my "waterstilldrippingverywet" hair.

I only get to settle myself down whn we have reached the yam cha place. PHEW. What a "busy" day.

Oh yea...first time kena call and go out like dis. ><" Nvr ever tot of there are srsly ppl who will come to your doorstep and ask you out widout giving you chance to reject. T_T

Am I tat good to be bully?!
(refering to Part I)

I like to hang out wid my frenz =))))