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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Astro Gempak

Project 365 #99

Door gift frm Astro Gempak media sale.

I didn't attend.


It is not mine.


To attend the media sales presentations is part of the job. Suppose to attend today BUT ther are too many workloads came in in a sudden tat I've missed the opportunity to have "half day leave" to enjoy eating and mingling around at a nice place yet getting new and fancy door gift.

><" I attended quite a few of Media sales presentations since Oct'08. The unforgettable one I must say is the media sales presentation done by Media Prima. I nvr tot of that it can be so grand that it srsly impressed me.I get to see loads of ppl from Media Line and these inlcude the artists^^(you know la...a newbie like me...for sure wil "whoa whoa whoa whn I see all these)The CEO of each TV stations have got great Charisma in giving speeches. It is just like a live drama played on stage which is so so alive and interesting. You know la...those BIG person will normally talk less or talk in one tone. (Which is so so so not interesting and it wont catch anybody's attention to listen)

So Yea. So far the one and only one media sales presentation tat I missed and I can't wait to attend for the next Media Prima Media Sales Presentation^^