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Saturday, July 04, 2009

The wedding dinner and another crazy nite^^

Project 365 #86

The cousies bunch^^

Attended HowJoo and SiJia's wedding dinner today.

Welcome to our family,

my dear Biao Sao^^

Hope we wil hav loads of memories



in the future^^

Yeap. Consider as the first day I stepped out from my house after I have quarantine myself at home since wednesday. WOW!!! I srsly like to see crowds. PPPPPPEEEEEOOOOOPPPLLLEEEE!!! I SEE HUMAN BEINGS!!! AT LAST!!! lolz

After dinner. I balik rumah.

My "long lost" rumah tat I last went back on 20th June 09.

Yea rite.

That's poppy.

My 2nd home. lolz

Still searching for photos. No idea wid...did I snap photos??? AND I wonder wher those photosssss went...><" I joint the movie gang for the partae. WOW!!! It's great, it's great. I nvr tot of...thy can b "that wild". WOW!!! AND I can't believe that...my bro and cousie bunch actually came over to poppy as well. AND...18 of us squeezing in the club with oni one small round table(so sorry frenz...oni manage to get a small table and hav to squeeze for liqour bottle, ice bulk, mixer and 18 glasses on the table). WALAU. Dun play play...first time I club wid so many ppl that I know.

Greatooooooooooooooooooooo~~~Hmmph...I even get to stand on the "stage" for awhile to dance. Well, you know...I can't dance well...thus I cant stay long as well and I srsly dun wish to go up...><" AND I DUNNO WHERE DID I GET THE COURAGE TO GET UP THER. =.=" Argh...I shud train myself well b4 stepping up again. bwahhahahahaha...