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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lolly Pop^^

Project 365 #84

My dreams came true^^

I always wanted to buy a whole bunch of lolly pop and store it. So that I can eat whenever I want to. Yea. I like to eat lolly pop. It taste wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better thn the normal candies. AND the most important thing is...It can last longer compare to the normal candies.

Yea. Bought this on Sunday but no time to "entertain" the lolly pop since the day we bought it and marmee so fast go put it in the store room that made me almost forgot bout this BIG bucket of lolly pop. lolz.

Sista bring it out and we starts to camwhore. Well, you know, it's my dream to get a BIG bucket of lolly pop since yearsssss ago, of course nid to camwhore camwhore a bit la. lolz.

Oh yea. Today is the first day of me having self quarantine at home. Sienz til siao!!! Alrite, I did stand by 24/7 beside the lappie, waiting for instruction or task for me to do. Helo, yea...I am so so hardworking, I know. lolz. I din curi tulang altho the company gave us three "free" holidays.

So, I really got work to do. BUT, luckily it is not a heavy one that I managed to finish it within 2 hours. AND at 2pm I even finished off ALL the works that I only nid to do those by nxt week and the week. I ady enjoy myself to the max...mingle ard...watch TV programmesss, took a nap while doing all the works...yet...I've done it b4 2pm. Aiks...SIENZ ar!!! I really struggle in hoping work to come or not to come...=.=" If there are sth for me to do, perhaps I won't b that bored...but if there are work to come, then I cannot enjoy myself ady...

Till 6pm. Phew...at last...I can relax a bit bit...by not worrying if there's any work to do onot...


cannot go out is so damn sienz wei



CAN I GO OUT???!!!