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Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Project 365 #107


the movie tat everybody is waiting for

is on screen^^

and I only manage to watch after a week.

Yea of course,

wid the movie gang^^

ERM. Been following this movie for ten years. TEN years!!! Times srsly passes fast!!! ><" Felt surpise whn I stepped into the theather. There are not much people in the theater(like only few rows at the back are occupied in a BIG hall) altho it juz on screen for a week and It is being screen in a BIG hall.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The 6th Ep. of Harry Potter. The movie is very quiet. The flow...is juz like a barely flat electrocardiogram of a dying patient. Not to say tat the movie is not worth to watch...but...I guess everybody is expecting something new, something interesting to watch and it is quite hard for the production team to squeeze a VERY thick, detailed story book into a two hours movie. Hmmph...btw...I din follow the book. I din read. I stopped my reading till Book Four and it is only half way thru. lolz.

Everybody is very quiet in the theater, as if...everybody have fall asleep while the movie is on-going. Hmph...mayb they are some who fall asleep. The reason for me to remained silent during the whole duration of movie is bcoz I m expecting something to happen and I couldn't lost not even a glimpse to see wat happened next. I m looking forward for something boombastic. BUT...it ends quietly. Even whn Dumbledore being killed, I shed no tears.

What's wrong??? Is it bcoz we have get bored by watching almost the same flow, same stories of Harry Potter and we are expecting something different to happen? Is it bcoz ther are overloaded Bing Bang Boom moviessssss tat we hav watched and it brings no interest for us to watch such an interesting yet calm magic story?

I kenot said that the movie is not nice to watch bcoz the graphics and sounds effects are great. I kenot said that the movie is not nice to watch bcoz the flow of the story goes well. So Yea...mayb I am expecting something new, something different from the movie.

Well, now you know, if there's nothing new and different it will lost people's interest. AND Yea, it is barely hard for one to stay loyal if there's nth tat bring interest anymore.

Shud we be happy
bcoz we are improving in looking for things which is different or something new,


shud we feel sad bcoz...
human beings are not loyal after all...