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Monday, July 20, 2009

Aunty auntieeee AUNTIE!!!

Project 365 #103

Stupiak aunty!!!

Went to pump petrol after work.

See the distance of my car frm the "petrol container"?

That's all bcoz of her.


I dunno why she juz cant park her car in front a bit.


We both waited 2geda to pump petrol and she is Q'ing in front of me. She went to the front petrol container and I follow her at the back as both petrol container tat we are waiting for is not occupied already. Who the hell know she park her car having the "fuel hole" nicely nxt to the petrol pumper and I got no chance to move anymore further to bring mine nearer to the petrol pump. AND this is wat make me park my car like this while pumping the petrol. wtf. =.="

New Cater

New cater for my Co.


At last can try something new^^

There are breakfast provided by my Co to all the staff every working day. Been eating for the same food every week and the list will stick to Chee Cheong Fun, Doughnuts, Fried Rice, Bihun, Fried mee, currypuff, roti jala and sandwiches. Oh ya...nasi lemak and roti canai will only appear once in a blue moon. Imagine...eating the same thing every week...won't you feel bored?! Hmmph...me and my kelic are always the earliest to reach the lounge for breakfast and we noticed that the most popular dishes will be the sandwiches day. Yeap. Bread filled wid eggmayo or sardine or cheese. The breadsss will actually disappear in less thn 10 minutes from the time it is being put on the table. From here, you can see that the other dishes are not really likable by the staff. Probably already bored with it. Even me myself oso bored with those by only working here for 8 mths.

So Yea. New cater wid different taste of food and variety of choices compare to the previous one.