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Thursday, June 25, 2009

MY lappie

Project365 #78


come come and take a look


MY(miao yi)'s lappie^^

Got loads of *stars stars*

pasted at my lappie screen

it looks so special now^^

nice rite?


Wokay. This is my lappie in my working station.
Hmmph...I shud said...It is Co's lappie tho.
So, any comments??? LOLz.

Well, these are the comments from my colleagues tho...

Erm...When gals see it they will say "yer...why so nice one...wher did you buy that???Can help me to buy??? So cute!!!Do they offer other colors or other pattern??? How did you stick those on? Can it be removed easily?"

AND When guys see it, they will say "Hello, can you please help to remove those, I can't see clearly, it is blocking my way, why are you putting these here? It is so disturbing."


Now you see.

The different thinking between gals and guys.

So yea,

I am a gal.


I always like to make my small little working station a special one. Hmmph...shud say not only my working station but everything that belongs to me have to b unique. Now, my working station is very colorful. I've got rainbow color in my working station tho^^ BUT, my working station is still neat and tidy. okay...lolz

Will share you the rainbow color nxt time^^