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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Project 365 #97

A small dinner and yam cha session


Station One



turned out

to be

A primary schmates gathering

wid loads of unexpected guestsssss.

Rite. There are 5 of us attended a small lim teh session on last week Tuesday and we decided to have another one and coming tuesday(which is today) wid lappie...so tat we can find out the missing primary schmates along our "discussion" during limteh session.

I reached at 830pm. Wid only 4 of us sitting round the table. THEN, more and more people come...and even those that we hav actually lost contact wid...and those who always dun wanna come out...ARE ALL HERE!!! It turned out to be a 12 ppl gathering from a four people dinner cum yam cha session. WooTsss!!! This is so so cool!!!

Of course. We have become the eyes-catchy bunch as everybody talks loudly and laugh loudly. I can see ppl envy'ing us chit chatting happily over there. Hmmph...mayb some will scold us "monkey" in the heart...but for sure this is all out of jealousy. LOLz. I m so so so surprised that we still hav the same topic to discuss with...telling the good old days and stuff. AND ther's one particular guy who can remember all the teacher's name where I can only recall some AND he can remember all the incidents...all the things tat happened frm Std One to Std Six. Srsly hav to salute him.

Had a happy chat wid the bunch and of course we discussed and talked about loads of the other primary classmates who did not attend the gathering. Well. Some are good, some are bad. AND, lappie is srsly useful wid Free WiFi @ Station One. We manage to find out more primary schmates and share their photos together on the spot. (Yea I know this is kinda bad...><")

Hmmph, well done peeps,

keep up the good job in gathering everybody 2geda^^

Hope the gang wil bcome even more active in the future.
*p/s : Nxt time remember to snap photos as there are a lot of special guestsss who cant turn up at all time