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Monday, July 06, 2009

New Big Road

Project 365 #89


New Big Road.
(sun dai lou in canto)

I found a new place to park my car.


It cost me only

RM 4


per day.


Since 1st May 2009. Me and cousie always drive to work and cousie wil b the one who pay for the car park as she can claim the car park fees from her company. (where we later found out that she can't claim after a mth... ><"yet we still drive to work) Hmmph...I use to prefer take train to work than drive to work, coz I dun like the feeling in jamming for an hour to reach the destination. BUT...as the swine flu become more and more serious, germs, virus flying everywhere (yaya...finding reasons to drive to work) AND taking train to work is time consuming as well. So, we decide to drive to work as we hav companion. Yea. The two of us won't feel bored while jamming to our destination.

Okay. This week is a little different. My cousie is taking one week annual leaves and she won't be going to work wid me. I struggled for few days, thinking if I shud take train to work or drive to work. Coz, if I drive to work, I nid to pay for the parking fees where it cost me RM 13 per day. (The place that I park at once in a blue moon and cousie wil pay for it...lolz and it is quite near my opis)Rm 13 x 5 = rm65. WOOT!!! RM 65...can buy a dress from Forever 21 ady. Can even eat a super duperlicious expensive meal!!! Shud I drive??? Shud I???? Then I suddenly remember that my cousie and kelic told me there's a car park near by that cost less thn RM10.

So, today, I've decided to try my luck, to see if I manage to find out where the car park is. I left the house at 715am. Reached ard 815. Yea. An hour to reach as expected where it normally takes only 20mins to reach my Co. I went into the car park which hav bengkang bengkok road and park my car nicely. Telling myself that nobody is gonna curi my car as it is only a cheaplak car and there are loads of nicer carssss parking bside my car.

I went to the uncle who collect parking fee, waiting for him to tell how much I shud pay wid RM5 and RM10 ready in my hand. " RM 4" WOW!!! I shouted in my heart and whisper in my heart...this is extremely cheap to get a car park at KL area tho. AND it is for the WHOLE day I am parking there. ><" So now, I only need to pay RM4 daily till friday, Which is...RM 4 x 5 = RM20. WOW!!! RM20 nia...means I've saved up...RM65 - RM 20 = RM45. WOW!!! RM45. Greato~~~come...let's go for a good meal. Bwahhahahaha...OPppsss...I shud save the money for my trip. =.=" Till then. Teehee...