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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Project 365 #85

It is called

WW Tower

from the waffle world @ One U.

The highest Dessert which is 280mm @ waffle world.


I had it wid my dear fren


at One Utama

*ahem ahem*

It taste GREAT~!!!!


walking around the mall!!!

Till then~

Hmmph...I went out today. Yea I know I shud "quarantine" myself at home today. BUT I srsly bored til karat ady. Summore I m so so so healthy, no cough, no flu, no any signs/symptons of AH1N1...So yea, I went out. Summore...u know la...go out during weekdays, there won't b a lot of ppl...wont b a lot of ppl means no crowds. No crowds means wont b THAT dangerous lo. Summore Olifu ady went for H1N1 check up and the doctor said everything is fine.

Received a call from Olifu...and she said she is in OneU now. Widout hesitate, I said " I AM COMING!!!" Then there...I m out during lunch hour.(Although I m not working...oh no...I shud say...altho I work from home, yet, I shud hav lunch hour one ma...) Saw loads of pre-sales in the mall...YEA!!! MEGA SALES IS HERE!!! SOON!!!! Aiks...but...too many things too buy yet too little money to spend. T_T. Nehmind...I wil save up for the bangkok trip. lolz.

I sneaked out 3 hours and went home. Phew. Thanks god...I get to sneak out. Srsly cant breathe by staying at home. Not even one day. ><" Haiz...got holidays = no holidays. Kesian sial


serene said...

looks awesome!
may i know how much does it cost?

miaoyi said...

I cant remember if it is rm7.90 or 15.90...less thn rm20 for sure.
Worth to try tho.
Taste nice wid blueberry sauce^^

Lesly said...

Fattening oh... Yer ><"