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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dim Sum^^

Project 365 #102



Woke up 830am in the morning

and went all the way to Pudu

for Dim Sum ><"
Yeap. Went club yest nite. Reached home @ 430am dis morning. As usual, I "collapse" for few hours and forced myself to sleep til dawn but failed. I woke up 830am dis morning. AGAIN. Aiks...I wonder why it will be liddat. Can't sleep after the clubbing nite ><" Wokay. Went all the way to Pudu for Dim Sum. ERM. It's bcoz one of my uncle's bday and we are there to "celebrate" his Bday lu. He was born on double fifth month in lunar calander which will only happened every 36 years. (Double fifth month means there are two fifth month this year and he was born on the second fifth month) It is juz like those who borned on 29th Feb and only get to celebrate their birthday every four years. Yea. This is wat make it special to have a breakfast celebration wid my uncle.

ERM. Bout the Dim Sum. ERM. I stil prefer Dak Gei located at TBM. Hehe...Cousie(my uncle's daughter) pay for the bill. I srsly can't imagine tat it will actually cost RM300. THREE HUNDRED for the breakfast!!! Dim Sum oni wei...and we...I guess we din eat a lot. Bwahahahha...

WOW!!! It is actually my cousie's treat and I felt so ashame bcoz she is younger thn me but she is the one tat settle the bill. I told my mum bout it and she said "aiya...for sure her mum wil pay her back de la..." But for me, it is like , WOW. Everybody tot tat she is paying. So I joked wid my my mum, "Mi...2nite I bring CC go "look look" for the dinner lo" (CC sub frm my dad...bwahahaha...)

Night falls. Whn we are getting ready to go out for dinner, mum actually said : "Gal, did you bring ur CC>?" I m like...what?! She is serious!!! My mum srsly got potential to b a singaporean. LOLz. So yea. I swiped the CC. And the dinner is double of the breakfast!!! Woottsss!!! Luckily I m not paying or else I have to fast for a month. lolz. Srsly broke like hell. ><"

That's the end for today.

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