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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

Project 365 #156


I've watched.


Ahahaah...yea AT LAST. I always like to use "at last" in my post, bcoz ther are loads of things that I wanted to do, and yea, I've completed it and it is like a kind of release, of course, happy tat I've did it too. So yea, AT LAST is a great way to express my feelings...wid caps on. lolz. If you are bored in seeing the word "at last"...please please leave comment in my post and give me some suggestions like...what other words I can use...other than "at last". LOLz

I seriously wanted to watch this movie so much but it is off from the screen before I manage to get somebody to watch it wid me. I always asked my bro to DL for me as he is PRO in downloading, but, he always tend to "forgot". A kelic of mine then suggested me a link, PPS Stream. All you need to do is to DL a software of PPS thn you can watch it live wid a very GOOD streaming.

I have it in my PC few months back but dun really have time to figure out how does it function until today. I always watch Channel 322 - Tian Ying @ astro before I go to bed, but there aint any nice movie to be watch today, so, I tot to give PPS a try. I googled the chinese title for confession of a shopaholic, copy paste it at the PPS stream TV Search engine, and there, the movie starts. I only have to wait for few seconds for it to browse, and streaming is so damn freaking good that I don't have to wait to watch the movie. You know it is kinda potong stim to watch it half way thn wait for it to load again to continue watching. Espcially when come to the gan cheong gan cheong part. ><" ERM. Another romance movie I would say. And yea, that's all. I actually stay up late to watch this movie bcoz of the great streaming of PPS!
PPS you rock!!!