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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Music all day long~

Project 365 #158


Went for T-music festival

and yea

went to sing K wid my sista gang in the afternoon as well.


it made my day to fill wid musicss all day long^^

Yeap yeap. Went for K session at One U from 11am til 3pm wid my sista gang. Had fun wid the 6 of them, had fun in singing, shouting all my lungs out. Had fun in jumping especially when we are singing MayDay and FIR's songs. Their songs are seriously ROCK!!! I rike!!! lolz. Reached home at 3sth, get myself prepared and there I am off for the T music Festival. Muahahahahha...

As you can see from the photo above, ther are loadssss of singers turning up for T music Festival, it will be a little waste if I din go. Rite, we can barely get a chance to see so many singers sing at one time. So yea, I grabbed the chance to watch, thanks cousie in getting me the free tix. And yea, it is more like my karaoke day where ther are subs on the BIG screen where we can sing along wid the singers. LOLz.

Incident happened during the T-music fest., which is, power failure. Rite, something burnt up during the half way of the concert, while Chin(artist from Bangkok) is singing, and it lead to power failure. Emcees did came out and calm everybody down, but, I was sitting TOOOOOO far away that I can hardly hear what they said. I actually facebook'ed during the outage til my phone oso out of batt ady =.=". Bwhahahahaha... Hmmph...The team is fast enuf to bring the electrics back -which only take them half an hour to connect all the wires back. Thumbs up for the team^^

Rite, this is the first time ever I saw such incident happened during the concert, it is good that everybody is safe. I guess the team shud keep an eye at almost every minutes towards the machines or power generator or stuff...lolz. OR mayb it is too HAWT tat day that made the fire burnt. Yea, I keep on hearing the word "hot" frm emcee and singers' mouth repeatedly b4 the incident, and well, this lead to the fire. wth...lolz

T music fest. actually ended at 1++ bcoz of the power failure,
but it is so damn syok in being surrounded by musics for 5 hours long.
(Although it is freaking hot and I sweats like hell.)

So Yea,

that's my day

in being surrounded by music all day long~