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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shopping Spree~

Project 365 #161

These are the war trophies of mine today


(Sg. Wang)

Oh well. Ppl always don't like lala, but can't deny tat we can always get cheap stuff from the lalaland. I wanted to buy sth for my up-coming event and Sg. Wang is the nearest yet cheapest in stuff shopping complex from my Co.

Went to Sg. Wang wid cousie after work. The list I have in hand include:
1. Make-up remover tissues
2. Shorts for beaches
3. Tissues
4. A piece or two of clothes

So yea, tat's all for the list I have.


I ended up buying more than the list.


This is all bcoz of cousie's fault.

HNG! She bring me everything and tell me that I will need dis and tat for the up-coming event. So evil of her in persuading me to spend more money. HNG! ><" lolz. Sorry la cousie, I was only joking. LOLz. She is only showing me her caring side, worrying that I might not have those which is in need when I m going for the up-coming event. Awww...a good cousie indeed. So Yea. I got myself 1. Make-up remover tissues 2. Shorts for beaches - which cost only rm30++ for two 3. Tissues 4. A piece of clothes(I only bought a piece, WOW! I can control myself well...lolz)
5. Aloe Vela Gel - applicable for sun burn
6. toothpaste
7. some junks and drinks(the dinner tat nite)
8. Mask
ARGH! Another few hundreds gone. T_T. Why do I have to spend to my pre-holiday?! BUT Had fun in spending too. Teehee...