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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mah War Trophies~

Project 365 #176


Sharing you my War Trophies from BKK.


Only got time to unpack today as it's already 12sth when the time I reach yesterday and I got to sleep early so that I can wake up for work this morning^^(hardworking sial...lolz)

The favourite piece of my war trophies is the Tee wid the words -> iSuck. Too bad it's the souvenir for my bro ><" LOLz. Each and every items displayed up there cost less than RM20, except one and only one bag(hmmph...mayb two...can't really remember the price) that I bought from Naraya.


I seriously can't believe that I've actually bought that much


I am a bit sked of myself. ><" Oh well, that's the outcome of stopping myself to shop for few months. XD Oh Yea... Thanks cousie for sending me to work and fetching me back home today^^ The very last day of us going to the same way every morning and evening T_T