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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Skytrex @ Taman Pertanian

Project 365 #152


went for Skytrex @ Taman Pertanian

Had FUN!!!

8 of us went for the Skytrex which include 3 lads, me, and my two cousies. Everbody don't really know wat it is all about, but, it sounds interesting, so, we actually say YES by not thinking twice, and yea, we only get to know wat are we really doing today during the dim sum hour. lolz.

One of my cousie actually scream all the way from the beginning till the end and she is srsly regret in joining for the activity, bcoz she attended the same activities as me six years ago and she swear to god that she wil never ever go for things like this...but, too bad la...we have already paid RM40 for the game, and she can't find anybody to replace her. lolz. And yea, she is still safe now, sitting bside me...lolz. Shud be a memorable one for you, rite, Cousie? =p

Oh yea, there are actually a few packages to be choose, and, we actually picked the extreme challenge which includes 21 extreme games. Hell yea, the very brave of us have actually go for the extreme one before we experienced the other not-so-extreme games offered by the Skytrex. ><" Training is given on the day itself before we start our game and we have to go through everything ourselves without any help. This is So So So Cool^^

ERM...The majority activities during the WHOLE game is flying fox. We fuuuu laiiiii frm the beginning til the end. I was excited at first becoz I love flying fox,(and tat's the reason I said yes widout thinking) but, you know, when you have to do it repeatedly for many times, the excitements have actually faded away and I got bored. It is like...I put on the carribeans myself, thn I sit on the platform, jump, and fly. Then repeat dis for 179273919271971 times. *yawn* The first few games that we go through are barely tough and tiring bcoz we nid to climb the ladder to higher places and do flying fox. ARGH. I hate climbing ladder. =.=" Then we have to walk on small tiny hose and rope. Balancing is srsly important in this game, and, it is lucky that I am short coz my balancing wil b good compare to the tall one...lolz - hell yea, first time ever felt happy that I am short. Teehee...

Hmmph...overall it is a good try ler...
If you hav got no idea what to do during the weekends,


a try^^