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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to DaaaDeeee

(owe you first...lolz)
Project 365 #149

It's Dadeee Birthday~

Mum bought dad a durian cake


it taste yummiiiiilicioussss~~~

My dadeeee is seriously a dadeee who like to show his dadee look. We have been celebrating his birthday every year, but, he will only show his cool cool face and tell, aiya...no nid celebrate la...it is just like a normal day, nothing special. I am like kinda giving up in giving him surprises and loads of wishesss during his birthday, and, today, me and my siblings choose to pretend that we have already forgotten bout his Birthday, we, all, din wish him...LOLz

Dad went out wid mum to pick our younger bro back home and mummy the one who hint us to get ready wid the cake when Daddy is back. Dad entered the house, we sing the Birthday song, and, daddy, as usual, show no surprise face, walk to the living room, sit down, on TV and continue watching his Night at the mesuem II. ><" Yea la...he did sing along together wid us, clap his hand summore, and said he already know we will do this. =.=" Thn he continue to make his wish, cut the cake and leave it on the table. =.=" Yea. That's my daddy.
Any idea why daddy must always show daddy face one?!