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Sunday, September 13, 2009

TheFinal Destination 4

Project 365 #159

At last the forth Episode is up


everybody is longing for it

and yea

we watched in 3D.

The first time ever watch movie with the movie gang in the afternoon. It feels great! LOLz. So Yea, heard loads of bad reviews bout FD 4, but you know, as you have been longing for the movie and you have watched the previous 3 ep., ther's no way for you to skip the forth one...pr you will feel that you are being left out. Hmmph...rite...people were telling FD sux but I din ask them in details, since it is sux, I planned to buy 3D tix for this show. Huh?! What?! Are you asking why??!!!! It will be more like wasting money to watch it in 3D since there are loads of bad reviews bout that. lolz. Hmmph...from my logical point-of-view, I personally think that...since it is sux, then we nid to get some other things to make the movie interesting, agree? XD

Hmmph...the storyline of FD 4 is really a bit...BORED. Just like the Harry Potter movie. When it have comes to the forth or fifth episodes, there will be no more surprises, no more special things happen, bcoz the audiences are expecting something new from the movie. Hmmph...of all I would say...whn it's ur time to die, you couldnt escape, so, just accept it and be good...lolz. So Yea, if you really wanna watch FD, watch it in 3D or...well...watch it on Wednesday. lolz.

Rite. Went to shop a little after the movie as cousie wanted to buy a pair of heels for her day in being bridesmaid. The first time ever she become the bridesmaid which require her to walk along on red carpet wid the bride during the dinner time(as her fren is a christian and they will have the wedding on-going in a hotel) but the last time for her to b bridesmaid. Yea. This is her third time in being bridesmaid. lolz. Then, we all headed back to my house for dinner + discussion.

Yea. Mum called up and ask me to go back for dinner. I told her we will b having discussion for our up-coming event, then, she offered the others to join the dinner together. So Yea. Steamboat at my house thn discussion. LOLz. People who have been to my house will know...once you've stepped into my house, food and drinks will be serve, and it wil come continuously even when you are already full. Rite. and that's wat made a chubby me today. Perhaps, fat. ahaahahahah...*envy*? Come be my fren, or, perhaps, my mum's fren. ahahahhahaha...

Wokay. So the discussion starts at 9sth and ended at 11sth at nite. Now, at least, we have got a picture(although stil not really clear) on what to do during my up-coming event. Can't wait for the "painting wall"(direct translation into canto-long vacations) days to come!!! =3 =3 =3


been going to One Utama

continuosly for THREE DAYS!!!