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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I got my hair straighten

Project 365 #80

Yea I got my hair straighten.

for Temporary only.


I've get bored wid my curly bunchy hair and always wanted to straighten up my hair since mthssss ago. BUT...the aunty aunty cousie cousie all said "Yer...you sure u wanna straighten up ur hair mae...ur face will look even more rounder compare to now, and you will then look not lenglui ady...summore will look very chan...><" Even the hairstylist said that I suit curly hair more.

So, this is the only thing I can do. Whn I miss my wavy long hair, I will pay RM10 and straighten it temporary. After a day or two, the hair wil turn back to curls again. T_T. I know the consequences if I did this for many times. My hair will bcome behli dry and the curls will no longer be tat WAVY as b4. But...I srsly miss my wavy long hair. LOLz.

So Yea. I straighten it temporary. AND AND AND I realized that...my face...really bcome very round ady. =.="

T_T. Wuwu...will not straighten up my hair unless I lost my Bao face. Which is...impossible.T_T