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Monday, June 22, 2009

The pinky bunch

Project 365 #74

Saw this in the morning, 830am.


that there is a HUGE crowds in front of Telekom Muzeum

at this hour.

Hmmph. It shud b a sch outing. I should say. Gal sch outing. Coz they are all in pink, red, white.(please click on the photo to enlarge the size so that you can see it clearly) I always dun believe that the ratio of guys and girls is 1:5. Means, ONE guy equals to 5 gals. Means there are more gals than guys in the world, NOW. Watthefreak...=.=" AND now, I believe so.

Bye people.

I am going to grab a guy on the street now in case there are no one left.