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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hakuna Matata~~~

Project 365 #63

Get to know this from 200 pounds beauty

It means "dreams come true" in the movie

Then only I get to know

It appeared at Lion King as well

and it means

"no worries"

I am in love with the movie - 200 pounds beauty since the first time I watched it. Get to know bout this movie before it screened. Get to know bout this movie coz I was doing translation about their interview last time. I am seriously in love with it and I will watch it over and over and over and over again whenever I am free and I feel like watching.(Other than stephen chow's movies...Yea...I am stephen chow's loyal fans!!!) I just won't get bored by watching it over and over again. WHY? Coz I feel...it is so much like me...lolz...Wokay...basically it talks about how a fat lad become a slim hot sexy singer by having so much passion in turning from the fat one to the hot one. I wanted to get myself a tattoo as what Hanna have in the movie. Perhaps, I wanna b like her. Perhaps, I am too into the movie.