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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Project 365 #66

Ken rid mai, ken rid mai
no u ken re-de mai
poker face~~~



Bwahhhaha...lame joke ><"

tot of wanna do some sentimental post using this photo.
but a bit lazy to use brain during weekends


we shud have fun and enjoy the weekends wat.


Wokay. Cousie at Taiwan sent me this mask at she knew we will need it. (actually me the one who ask to send as taiwan got loads of cute cute mask and we can't buy those at Msia.) So, wat do you think of me after wearing the mask? I owned a pair of sparkling eyes?! Bwhahaha...Oh please...grab a plastic bag and vomit. LOLZ. I know I got a bit crossed-eyes. But U know...ppl say lenglui wil hav got a bit crossed-eyes de lo...LOL...Bwahhahahaha. Mmm...(trying to drag away ur gonna puke attention)actually Taiwan srsly got loads of nice mask selling de la...you can get loads of pattern at nite market...My cousie got no tiime to go nite market...so she got me this frm 7-11. Taiwanese depends a lot on 7-11 tho.

Erm. It was hazy the pass few days tat I requested my cousie to send me to mask. BUT when the mask arrived, the haze went away. =.=" Mmm...neh mind la...it will b useful someday in the future. Like H1N1 bcoming serious. (choi...touch wood...H1N1 please go away fast, before our Sept trip)

The mask really can block almost the whole face of mine. See my face so small. LOL. Oppppsss...Bwahahahahhahaha...dah kenakan you...lolz

K la. Gonna get ready to bed. TOMORROW IS MONDAY AGAIN!!! =.=lll