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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Smell of Sea Breeze

Project 365 #76


The smell of sea breeze

I miss it ><"

My colleagues will be going to Phuket tomorrow ady...T_T. Jealous siao...thy are on vacation for 5 days!!! Wuwu...nobody to talk to during these 5 days ady. Nobody have breakie wid me in the morning ady.Nobody offer to bring me back my fruits for these 5 days ady. I guess...I really become god ady...coz...nobody to talk to and din consume any food. LOLz. Now I know how important they are. Perhaps I still nid to wait for another week as thy nid to quarantine themselves at home for one week. T_T...wuwu...me here behli charm ar...HELP!!!!

Hmmph...I seriously miss the smell of sea breeze...it calms me down and everything will juz go off from my mind whn I am at the beach. I can't wait for my turn to sniff sniff the smell of sea breeze!!! AND SWINE FLU PLEASE GO AWAY!!!