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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sing K lu^^

Project 365 #69


At last I went to Sing K.

It was a sudden decision tho.

Sang for FOUR hours,


don't have enuf ><"

Marcus msn me ard 5pm when there's an hour to go and I'll b off from work. He said "come, let's go and sing K" and yea we both know tat he is only kidding as I always rejected him. Bwahhahaha...

God knows tat I wanted to sing K so badly tat...I said yes this time and he was shocked by asking me for 134840294764 times "are you sure?" and so, we met at Low Yat's Red Box to sing.

It was my first time singing K wid him tho. AND...the best part is...he got buy one free one coupon and we dun hav to pay much AND I got a servant tat serve me throughout th e whole K session. Bwahhaahhahaah...I stayed in the K room rite after I went in and stick my butt on the sofa and sticked my hand on the mic. Then I keep on telling him to go and grab the food as it is buffer dinner.

So Yea, I sang for FOUR hours non-stop and Marcus bz stuffing the food into his stomach like a hungry ghost. COZ...the food that he took doesnt suit my appetite and I only eat fruits, cupcakes and icecream...Bwahahahahhahahaahhaahaha...Oh yea...Marcus...now u know that I dun take proper meal. LOLz.

Oh Yea. Marcus reminded me to write something good about him in order to promote him. Hmmph...er...Rite. He...he...he is gentlemen...he...he...is...erm...he...er...(Marcus!!! I DUNNO WHAT TO WRITE LA!!! ><")

ERM...btw...I guess I dun hav to write much bout him tho...coz he is already taken. LOLz. Oh ya, thanks for serving me the food and thanks for letting me sing most of the time. LOLz.