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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Andrea^^

Project 365 #75

Attended primary sch gathering today


so happen that

It is one of the primary schmate's bday^^

Rite. The gal beside me is Andrea. My primary schmate. The birthday gal^^ Get to "connect back" with the primary schmates only after 10 years. Srsly have to thanks a lot to the technology advancement that bring all of us back together^^

I still remember that we had a very first time primary sch gathering at the age of 13. We had it sumwher at the field and it is a BBQ gathering. We burn the food in the dark, run here and there like small kids, play the flour, use huge and thick newspapers roll(they called it "hit newspaper 打报子") to hit the frenz etc etc...It was fun. But, that's the end. We go no more gathering until...everybody have graduated from F5. We had gathering at Secret Recipe, Times Square, wid not much attendees. THEN, everybody starts to MIA AGAIN. lolz. Till recently, Andrea organized quite a few gathering and it is a success one. Srsly thanks to Andrea and facebook that bring all of us back 2geda^^

Hmmph...I used to MIA for the past ten years from my primary schmates. I dun really keep in touch with them unless thy asked me out. I dun talk much bout my primary sch life. Bcoz, I dun owned a happy primary sch time. Sometimes, I still can't wipe away...the unhappiness. AND sometimes...I feel sad for myself, that I have to fake a smile to the betrayerssssss. Yea. I do.

Well. I guess I should be generous as it is over. Hmmph...I will learn to.