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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Junk Food Freak!!!

Project 365 #81


Junk Food Freakkkkkkkkk!!!

Marmee found a place that sell cheeeeeapppppppp junk food. AND we went for grocery today^^
Spent RM200++ for tat bunch. Cheap til sial!!! *ahem ahem* Fat til sial as well. lolz. YAY! Ppl who dun eat proper meal are junk food lover. *raise up the hand and shout*ME! ME! ME!!!

Rite. Weeksssss b4 I knew marmee actually found out such a place, I saw a lot of junk food stuffed in the store room. There are a box of rocky in choc flavour, a big pack of mameessss, a big pack of cadbury bytes, a big back of apollo etc etc etc(too many to list and I forgot ady...). I wonder why marmee will suddenly buy so many junk food(as she always tell junk food is fattening and she dun buy junk food...OR my size will b triple bigger compared to now...lolz) but I din get the chance to ask. UNTIL TODAY, marmee suddenly said wanna bring us go grocery and get some cheap stuff. SO, we went. Anyhow I din grab anything...marmee the one who put everything in the trolley. So yea, those are the war trophies of marmee. AND now you know, how does the fats grow on me. lolz.

(rubbish food?!)