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Friday, June 19, 2009


Project 365 #71


Went to Sing K AGAIN!!!


It was a Birthday Celebration for Olivia's Bf. 12 of us attended the K session and everybody get high for all nite long^^ We even club in our K room. Bwahhahahahaha...

Hmmph...if you know me well...for sure you will have question in your mind. WHY? A gal who don't really like Sing K will suddenly addicted with it? Hmmph...good question. I will think about it...Bwahhhahahahahahahahahah...><" Yea. Rite. I dun really like to Sing K for the past few years. Everytime when my frenz ajak me to sing K, I will said "Enjoy urself", or "why not we go for movie?"...lolz...The reason for why I dun like to sing K is bcoz...bcoz...well...no idea...lolz. I mean...if u dun like...means u dun like...it is the same with...when u like it, you will like it. It's the feelings I guess. Perhaps, I've go to the next stage of my life, where tat stage contains "me likely sing K" component. lolz. Till then^^