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Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Summer!!!

Project 365 #296

summer themed party @ Passion Road



So Yea. It's a company dinner/party. ALAS. Yea...At last. Everybody were asked to dress up like we are in summer. Oh well, Msia is a all year summer country...buttttt I find hard to think wat to wear. ><" Flower flower = summer? Beach wear = summer? GAhhhhh...I ended up pick a flowery clothes which look quite formal but not-so-summer bcoz I don't know if the place we are having dinner need us to be in proper attire. Btw...I actually tot of wearing shorts and long tee...summer maa...tat's how I always dress up. AWWWWwwwwwwww...I miss the summer in UK. ><" Blek.

Hmmph. It's actually an open air secret garden(where I got loads of mosquito bites/flea) with very nice deco and really hav got the garden-garden feel just like The Garden Lifestyle store located at One U or The Curve. xD. Wokay enuf of crapz. The dinner was fun!!! We have got ang paus, lucky draw and...orientation. =.=" AND I AM ONE OF THE "LUCKY" one. ><" Yea...after been working here for 1 year 3 mths now only I kena Orientation. Being called out divided in to groups.

The funniest and happiest game among all is to guess the song. CEO being invited to participate in the game. Oh yea! He is the newbie to our Co. as well. xD. It's a "gu gu gu gor zai" game. (guessing song) , u know wat I mean if you watch "jiong mun yan". Our dear CEO from india have to stuck the ear plug into his ear and sing out the song played into his ear. Now you got the picture. *evil grin Owh...the outcome wasn't bad, my group get to guess majority of the songs- which is majority are chinese oldies. ><" LOLz. Sounds like I am old ah ma liddat. =.=" And best of all is CEO is good enuf to pull off his CEO title and play 2geda wid us. *claps He even lead every newbiesssss to dance in another session. *thumbs up

So Yea. Lucky draw. There are netbook, Wii, Ipod shuffle, radio, air-purifier, voucherssssss, tupperware!? and etc etc etc...as usual. I AM NOT THE LUCKY ONE. =.=" Sienz gao. But it's good that those who did not get draw got consolation prize as well - RM 50 cash voucher. xD

Overall it's a GREAT nite and it will be the BEST if there are no fleas or mosquito bites. I got almost 30 spots on my leg. FML.