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Friday, January 08, 2010

May you Rest in Peace

Project 365 #275


Left sharp 6 today as I've got appointment at 7pm. Forgot to switch my phone from silent mode to the normal one and din know my mum actually called me for many times in the afternoon until I received an sms from my sister around 6++. "mum asked you to return home asap, our youngest uncle frm dad's side have passed away". I am stunned when I saw the message...it is such a bomb for us, like seriously.

Cancelled off the appointment, head back home, bathed and there we head to the funeral. As I can remember my uncle's children are all still small...like the eldest is only 13 years old and the wifey is a full time housewives. Such a pain for the family and the next thing she shud headache of will be the financial support.

They are still setting up when we reached here. Bro asked me "did you see dad's eyes full wid tears juz now?" "No" I said. "That's bcoz we are like not so close and only meet once a year". Bro said "but, dad shud have childhood as well, rite? Thy for sure played 2geda when they were young" I nodded my head.

The aunties uncles start gossiping bout every single little thing that happened in the family. In Tan's family...among the siblings. I seated bside and listen but I pulled myself out after sometimes bcoz...I guess I shudn't know much bout those adults stuff.

Looked at him lying nicely in the coffin just like a wax. He died peacefully as his eyes and mouth were closed. His sudden death is due to the heart attack that we never ever expect it wil happen. Ppl around start to discuss why heart attack will happen and yea...he smoke a lot and drink a lot of coffee. HE CAN SMOKE 3 PACKETS OF CIGRATTES PER DAY! AND DRINK ONE LITRE OF COFFEE PER DAY. Heard that he is a happy-go-lucky man. He always laugh away the stress or to say he hav got no stress at all in his life. A kind-hearted man that will help others widout asking for any repay. BUT The happy-go-lucky, good hearted him made ppl to take a lot of advantages on him and yea...his family members the one who will suffer. SIGH. I really can't believe that siblings wil actually have internecine struggle...or to say will take advantages from siblings by thinking it is absolutely fair AND by only taking but not giving.

Uncle, may you Rest in Peace.

Farking shitty black friday today.
Need to rerun the data AGAIN.
This is already the 5th time doing the same run.
Time consuming work really kill.
AND My workload wil nvr ever finish.
My fault? Crapz.