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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"trip" to PJ

Project 365 #273

Dinner at PJ 2day.


Kinda moody today bcoz of things that I faced at work. Hate myself for not having very strong business english writing skills that I can't write "flowerish" email in order to "shoot" ppl gently. So yea, when my mood is not really good I will crave for food. Wanted to eat sushi badly and remember Lau Mun Yee asked to get a day for dinner few days back. Unable to reach him thru msn, thus I sms'ed him.

Get to know that he fall sick til so charm...can't even move frm his bed. Asked if he had food for the whole day and he said he only had a glass of milk. =.=" It's weekdays and his housemates all went to work AND he is not able to wake up and cook. AND he is not local which means he is not staying wid his family...Thus, the very good pet sister - me *proud-nya offered him to dabao him dinner. AND SO, I've got excuse to leave company on time. I srsly dun wish to stay in the opis for any extra hours anymore today. =.=". So yea. I left sharp 6, drove myself to PJSS2 to dabao porridge, bread, milk and apples b4 I head to his house. Really like visiting a patient. LOLz. Passed him everything then head back to PJSS2 and look for Jeff, PP for dinner.

Had some noodles at 9pm together wid Kelly, SC, Jeff and PP then head to yippee cup for 2nd round. XD. Felt much more better to inhale some air outside and happier bcoz get to talk to others...altho let thm teased me gao gao coz of my "dabao porridge mission". ><" So Yea. That's my trip to PJ 2day. LOLz.