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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something wrong wid Brader today

Project 365 #291

Day out wid mummy and sista to One U today. XD. Shopped around to get my cousie Bday present which she once told that she wants it...bcoz of the charming box they have.(which cost blardy expensive that I dunno it will be THAT expensive til I pay the bill and it srsly made my purse bleed like anything)

Stopped myself for spending any money coz I am broke dead but but but I wanted to shop!!!!!!!!
So yea...by remembering that brader stil nid new years clothes. We, then, go shop for braders' clothes. WAHAHAH YESH now I can do shopping yet not using my own money. XD. Mood bcome damn good when I get to buy my braders some clothes. I wonder if I am happy bcoz I get to buy nice clothes for my bro or I get to spend money. GOSH. I dun wanna b shopaholic. ><"

Oh ya! Something wrong wid Brader today. ><" Wokay...I went Pizza Hut @ Carefour for dinner 2nite 2geda wid the family. Shopped around after dinner. Me, Brother and Dad waited mum outside KFC while mum shop around. Brother suddenly call me and said :"Jie, see, tat one look like you". I turned my head with curiousity...thinking who will it be that look like me and I saw orangutan on the TV. =.="""""""""""" Then my brother laugh like anything after tat. *swt My brother then walk to my dad who is mingling around...he use the same line "Dee, see, there's someone who look like you." My dad look around so hard and try to find out who is the one tat look like him WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH after half a minute only he realized that he is being conned. ><" ROFLMAO. We so wanna share the joke wid our mum that we enter the shop to look for her. Then my brother say "Jie, look like Jay Chou". I was thinking so hard in who he meant bcoz ther are only gals in the shop. I turned my hard around and see carefully. ZOMG. I saw a gal who srsly look like a cute version of Jay Chou. XDDDDDDD. Ahahahahahahaha...So Bad of him...=.=" My brother thn keep on imitate Jay Chou by repeating Jay's favourite line "aiyo, bu cuo oh" I just can't stop laughing til sis asked what happened. Again, brother told her "there's a Jay Chou here". Sis tried so hard to look around yet she can't see the one tat my brother meant. My brother thn hint hint her and there Sis burst into laugthers. We 3 juz cant stop laughing after that and made the shopkeepers scratched their head. Aiks...these 3 siblings so bad can! ><" LOLz.

Walked into Waston coz mum wanted to buy cotton. A promoter walked to mum and promote her a pluster kind thingy that helps to slove the flu/snore problems. While she is explaining in how it helps by just pasting it on the nose, my brother asked her "so, you are having flu as well?" The gal tot my brother was asking if it only helps for flu. She answered my bro seriously by telling there are plenty of functions other than healing the flu. My brother listen and then he ask her again "so, you are having flu?" Me, mum, sis and even the promoter all burst into laughters. XDDDDDD This brother...ppl working but he go and kacau ppl pulak. *shake head ><" We then walk to the counter and then Mum burst into laughter again. Guess what...even the cashier have the pluster thingy on his nose and we so wanna ask him "are you having flu as well?" LOL.

We then leave carefour and brother suddenly said "See, Boh tak ceh"(not educated in hokkien) We looked around and saw two people wearing their Uniform written PTC. Oh yea. All thanks to the Original creativity of S'pore movie. ><" GAH...guess there's really something wrong with the brother but yea all these cheer everybody up and temporary forgot bout monday blue. XD