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Saturday, October 17, 2009

the Library^^

Project 365 #193

Went to Library and study today.

So hardworking huh.


It's a gathering day. Gather gather wid mah ex-kelics in the morning for breakie and nite wid the movie gang. XD. Went for Dim Sum @ Marco Polo wid 3 ex-kelics. We stepped into the resto at 930am and guess what...there's nobody inside...hmmph...mayb is bcoz it is still early. ><" Oh ya, Marco Polo is doing a promotion, 50% off for all the Dim Sum on Monday and Saturday. Woootsss...this is cool. XD.So Yea we get to eat cheap and nice Dim Sum. LOL. Went to Mid Valley for 2nd round after breakie. Had dessert. Teehee.

Wokay. Tot to have 2nd discussion for an upcoming event, thus I've actually dated the gang out for yam cha. Our first stop is the Tree house @ Uptown. Errrrrrrrr...sigh...I brought my lappie along for discussion...tot we can get to go on9 right away if we nid any sources during the discussion. I regretted to bring bcoz tree house don't provide wifi ANDDDDDDDD I spilled a drink which I only took one sip on my fren's hp and cracked. The glass cracked I mean. ARGHHHHHHHHHH...I so duno wat to do at that second. I totally went blank. Felt guilt that my fren din say anything at all. AND the blank me even forgot to apologize. =.=" Sorwee leeeeeee...><"

Hmmph...as the enviornment at Tree house is not really happening...we changed our location to Library. Weee~~~~~~~been receiving message from the Library b4 they launch but have got no chance to pay a visit. Yea...can't find kaki. ><" Muahahahaha...So Yea...Imma so so heapi tat I got to pay a visit to the Library today^^ We ordered Hoegaarden which cost rm36 for one pint. SLURP. Hoegaarden is srsly different. Enjoyed the nite there with musics from Live Band. It's a great place for chilling out tho. Oh gosh! Guess I am transfering from going to club to pub ady. >< ><. Old d? Errrrr...probably...YES. =.=" Bcoz I din not make any noise or find kaki to go club for few mths ady...oh well...mayb few weeks. =p

So yea. Heapi that I get to pay a visit to the Library and I, for sure, will pay a visit to the library again and it wil be very sooooonnnnnnnn...XD

and yea

Sorry for spilling the rainbow ice blended drink on ur hp.
*Praying real hard that the phone will be fine...><"