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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

G - Force

Project 365 #183


cheap movie day^^

Tix for only RM7.50


Yuppieeee...went for G-force today. It've been long since the last time I enter cinema. Erm...for like...3 weeks? LOLz. G-force, a movie that I never ever tot of I will watch it. Heard loads about G-force from the radio and tot it was merely some sort of boring animation where hamster save the world. BUT, it is not a boring one. A cute one I would say. *wink*

Had dinner at Pasta Zanmai wid two cousie of mine b4 we go for movie. I heart Sushi Zanmai more but bcoz one of my cousie's cousie is working at Pasta Zanmai, and, I tot we wil get some sort like BIG discount if we dine in ther, thus, we choose to have dinner at Pasta Zanmai. I ordered Japanese Curry rice and both cousies ordered Pasta. Yea, rite, I know I shud order Pasta as Pasta is the main selling point of Pasta Zanmai, but, yea, I admit...I am a "rice-tub"(ppl who love rice), I can't live widout rice. XD. Ordered Matcha Parfait as dessert later on. Mah Long-waited dessert and tat's the main reason of mine visiting Pasta Zanmai. *blink blink* I at first wanted to order one for myself but not sharing but both cousie said thy wont eat much...who knows...it is too superduperlicious tat...we 3 finished it within 10 mins. LOLz. Then, we ordered Tiramisu...and it is cousie's cousie's(who work in Pasta Zanmai)treat. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...it taste great but still I HEART MATCHA PARFAIT!!! SLURP!!! Awwwww...miss Matcha Parfait ady...><". Bill came, no discount, ><" BUT...shud feel happy ady coz got free Tiramisu to makan...ahahahahaa...So Yea, full sial after the dinner...shud have only order Matcha Parfait as dinner but not the curry rice. ><"

OH YA. It shud b a post bout G-force. ><" Sorwee...ERM. So, G-Force, srsly wont get attracted and wont feel like watching by seeing the poster and hearing the name - G-force ler...BUT I must say it is cute and funny by the dialogues inside and the technology of the mice world is behli powderful one lor...even car oso got alarm...dun play play.XD. Watch how amazing it is that the hamster, feret, guinea pig and mole SAVE THE WORLD! Yea rite...we can't look down on the small little tiny animals, they will somehow help to save the world in some way. Me no kidding, a very good example will be earth worm. XD. True ma...didn't u learnt bout this from the text book when you were studying in primary sch? The earth worm wil help to loosen the ground so tat we can do plantation or sth like tat.LOLz. So Yea, don't bully the animals. XD

Happy Happy movie day!!!