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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Palate Palette

Project 365 #182

Fish and Chip from Palate Palette


The different kind of potatoes are the chips^^

Palate Palette is a restaurant located sumwher near my Opis. Saw my frenz uploaded photos bout this resto, the place interior design is special and nice, a really good place for photo shooting tho^^ Grabbed the chance to take lunch at Palate Palatte today wid two cousies of mine. The first time for 3 of us to have lunch 2geda during working days.

We ordered lunch set which cost RM20++. It includes a starter, main dish and a drink. They first serve us a bun wid a small ball of cheeze/butter+ somespices for us to spread in the bun. Surprisingly the bun is a hot one, just like a freshly baked bun from the oven. Marks added for dis.*tink* The three of us ordered chicken lollipop, mushroom cappucino and potato wedges for starters. Chicken lollipop is nice, mushroom cappocino's soup is very "contentable", and the sauce for potato wedges is special. They actually mix the fish/prawn/crab eggs(can't recognize which species's egg but they are those seafood mia eggs la...lolz) with mayo. Cousie rike it behli much tho.

Come to the main dishes. We ordered Japanese Curry, Shepherd Pie and Fish and chips.(the photo attached above) ERM. Japanese Curry is only so so, Shepherd Pie very beefy and Fish and Chips is nice. Oh well, Fish and Chips is always the safest dish to order as thy are all taste the same. XD. But, the special thing bout the Fish and Chip of Palate Palette is the Chips that come wid different type of potatoes. The idea was good but the potatoes taste...erm...I love the crisps when it is being dipped wid the BBQ sauce ther. XD. The BBQ sauce taste great^^ A bit sad that they do not have loads of desserts for choice. ><" Overall...the interior design is good and srsly a good place for photo shooting lor...=p. Might give a try to visit this resto again during nite time as I guess it will look nicer at nite^^

Okay. Enuf of the crapz bout the food review or resto review. I am not talented to write a nice one. LOL. Me and both of my cousies are working very near to each other but the three of us don't have a chance to take lunch together during working days as Ling cannot leave her Co. for lunch bcoz of her job scoope. She only can go downstairs dabao and eat in the opis. Kesian betul. It's different story today bcoz Ling ady resigned and so happen she get to passby our Co. to get sth done, so yea, it's a good chance for the 3 of us to have lunchie, else it will be a shame/waste like...we work so near but din get a chance to meet during lunch hour. LOLz. Oh crapz....


Saw this when I open my wradrobe.

The new arrivals in my wardrobe.


Dearie cousie did this^^

She emptied her place and put my new clothes inside. So Yea. It reminds me that...she've moved out from my house and leaving soon. T_T AGAIN. SIGH