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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Project 365 #190

It's movie day.

Movie of the day


Went Korean House-korean BBQ for dinner at PJSS2 b4 the Show. Erm...how's the food? Hmmph...oh ya...the son of the shop owner is cute. XD. LOLz.

Okay. I've got no idea and never heard the movie - Accident before but I actually said "yes" to go for the movie right after I get to know that Louis Koo is starring in the movie. =p. It is a movie tat tells how Louis Koo and his gang kill people by making people tot that it is an accident but not human made. Louis Koo is a meticulous person in the movie, he thinks a lot and seriously A LOT in order to make the project a successful piece widout any mistakes and suspicions. After some projects, Louis Koo partners start to die one by one and he suspect that ther's another person who is trying to knock down his gang by creating accidentsss. He tail the person who is suspect in order to revenge. After all...after eveything he have done...he eventually found out that everything he suspect, everything he think, everything he predict are all...WRONG.He is really thinking too much.

Being meticulous and thinking too much doesnt seems to be a good thing?
How do we judge the limits in not being over?

Now I am thinking too much
it is only a movie.

Oh yea...

I am at the age of 22 and 11 month today. Bahhh...it is not fair to born in the month of December because I will be another year older soon after my Bday. =.=" Which means...I am turning into the age of 24 in less than 20 days after my bday before I get to enjoy my time at the age of 23. LOL. Oh Crapz. I don't know who am I talking bout. Perhaps, I refuse to grow older. XD