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Sunday, October 04, 2009

K session @ Red Box, The Curve

Project 365 #180

Went for K session

wid dearie cousie


her bunch of Secondary schmates

which I never met before.


Cousie always wanted to intro me her frenz so that I can mix around and get more frenz but not always stay at home like a nerd. lolz. So Yea, I know all her ex-colleagues and some of her secondary schmates as well as her close frenz. Everytime when she hang out wid them, I wil for sure, tag along.

This is seriously the very first time I meet this bunch of people, and yea, they are all very frenly and ALLLLL owned very good vocal^^

Hmmph...I can stil rememeber a year ago, whenever I asked cousie bout her frenz, she wil said, thy hav lost contact after she've graduated from her secondary sch and she is lazy to contact everybody back bcoz she is lazy to social around. BUT, things changed after a year, a very good example will b today, I am hanging out today wid her together wid her frenz^^ BUT, I guess it will be my first and last time to hang out wid this new bunch of frenz tho. COZ...cousie...is flying soon. REAL SOON.

Can I Stop the time?

Bought three pcs of clothes today
I feel like crying than smiling
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