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Monday, November 30, 2009

Surprise visit

Project 365 #237

Cousie came to my house widout pre-am

Little surprise for me^^

Dreading to work today. Leave office sharp 6 as I am so darn sleepy and have finish the urgent stuff. So cousie actually came back to Malaysia on 28th Nov. She is back here wid her hubby in order to register and officially become husband and wife. =)

So Yea. Was lying on my bed, facebook'ing. Then I heard somebody "ding dong ding dong", THEN, I heard a familiar voice...It's dearie cousie! I got so excited that I screamed all the way from upstairs to downstairs like those junglewoman gal who dunno how to talk. =.=" Yea...I hate myself for not being good in expressing my feelings verbally. =.=" Cousie came wid her hubby and loads of snacks. She knows my family like snacks. XD

Heapi to see cousie by my side^^