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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working Sunday =.="

Project 365 #229

Excel sheet excel sheet




Glued my eyes to the lappie from morning til Midnite 3am.

Alrite. It's a working weekends for me. Seeing the excel sheets on the lappie screen is enuf to make me vomit. =.=" I stayed in my room for the WHOLE day in order to do my work. Oh Well. I actually took a nap in the afternoon. I srsly don't wish to do the work and the only thing to "escape" from work is to sleep. LOL. Bwahahah...I am always liddis...when ther's some problem that I can't solve or dun wish to face it, I choose to sleep. LOL. That's bcoz my brain cant function anymore or to say my brain...hmmph mayb my heart is protesting to work. =.=" And of course I tot I can finish it fast. Starts to really glued my eyes on the screen from 4pm. Time passes srsly fast...I din get to finish my work during dinner time. ARGH. I din go dinner wid my siblings. Waited for sis to come back...asked for her help in doing something light for me so that I wont waste the time when I am bathing. =.=" *tik tok tik tok only get to know that it is already 3am in the morning when I've done my work. ISH. Felt so damn excited that I've completed the job and it makes me can't sleep. Watch TV programme to "pamper" myself...like at least I din waste my sunday in only working but I get some entertainment as well. wtf. =.="

ARGH. Can't imagine how many working weekends will come in the future. I don't want this. PUlisssss don't come. =.="