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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

May happiness be with you, always.

Cousie's flight is at 1525 today.

I get tissues ready and walk myself out of the office to call her. My feelings was a bit nervous+sad+scared. The mixture of the feelings I have is because I felt reluctant to call as I am not really good in expressing my feelings, but, I have to call as she is my closest.

Her caller ringtone...





The ringtone is already sad enuf to kill me twice. Tried to call twice but no one answer. I entered the office and she actually call me back. She "Halo Ka~" m3 :"... ..." Tears...start to drop. I can hardly say hello. Ya...rite...I told everybody I won't cry, and I told myself not to cry. I remained silent for few seconds to stop myself from crying, but, when I wanted to talk, the tears start rolling down AGAIN. I said "mmm..." She :"Ya I know...mmm". "Take good care of urself" I said. "You too...". I remained silent again, she "oi..." I laughed a lil then remained silent again. See? I am always speechless. GAH. How I wish I am there and grab a big tight huggies from her. I then continue word by word..."take good care of urself, I will turn my phone on 24/7 for you" "You don't regret when I call you to cry" she replied. "I wont" I said. Thn...silence in the air again. Finally we both "mmm". She said "take care" and the line cut off.

BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...TAN MIAO YI!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! You shud hav stay tough and finish all the words, talk more wid her and wish her live happily ever after! Why you just "mmm mmm and mmm???

Dearie Cousie, the one who buzz me to wake up every morning, the one who always buckle up my safety belt in the car, the one who help me and side me always, the one who cheer me up always. Awww...she is really a very sweet gal. I heart her a lot. Srsly a lot!!! She take care of me all the time!!!!!!

Mmm...dearie cousie, from the bottom of my heart, I seriously wishes you to stay happily ever after. =) Heart you, always. muax.