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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barbie world!

Project 365 #232

I'm a barbie gal

in a barbie world~~~

It's the theme for a bday gal in mah opis.


Okay. No idea since whn my Co. have got this "tradition"...we will deco the bday gal/boy's table on their birthday. There are loads of themes in the past like the Orphan, ther's something wrong with andrew; pinky theme(for a guy wid feather surrounding his table); blue fairy theme(a man who hav to wear wings and tiara to parade around the opis); cutie baby theme; english tea theme(for someone who miss UK life a lot) and etc etc etc. Oh man. The kelics are so creative can! So Yea. This time the theme for a Bday gal is Barbie. Reason being - she loves to play Barbie doll when she was young. XD.

We actually printed barbie's photos and paste her face on loads of barbie's body. (refer to the attached photo...lolz)The kelic even put one of her barbie photo on top of the X'mas tree so that everybody who come to our opis can see the photo. lolz. Kesian the Bday gal. Can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow as...we have planned to play the barbie song when she step into Opis and see loads of barbies wid her face surrounding her. XD.

Oh man! I had a live meeting today with regional people. Crapz. I am having the meeting alone wid 4 ppl. from Manila and China. Can you imagine, by only taking over the new job for less than a month, not knowing exactly what is that all about and there I go for meeting ALONE! The meeting last for 3 hours++, can die by answering the questions that thy raised. =.=" WHAT A DAY! Tired sial. ><" and...more to come after the meeting. =.="